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Hi! I’m Rob Kowalski and here is my story:

I went from being the biggest man whore in my city to a devoted follower of Jesus.

Life was hard, and my way out of the hood was through working out and becoming the most sought-after stripper in my hometown by the age of 21. Because of my lack of positive male role models and my own insecurity, I bought everything the world told me hook, line, and sinker.

I used my popularity, physical appearance, and Game to bed hundreds of women.  I was what you might call a 'bad boy', living a life that most men would envy, but far from Christlike, but I'm not bragging about that. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

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I went from being the biggest man whore in my city to a devoted follower of Jesus. I  embraced a life aligned with God's word, as taught by mainstream churches and Christian communities today. I even wrote a book about chastity, "Why Waiting Works", and held the #1 video in the world on waiting with “10 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage”.

While this path brought profound fulfillment, it also felt extremely restrictive, lacking in excitement, and feminine at times. The shortcomings of the church in failing to address the unique challenges faced by men in today's society led me to search to find out if there was more to this Christian life that I had been missing out on.

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Through my journey, I've discovered that it's possible to live a life of faith that is not only fulfilling but also exhilarating. 

This doesn't mean compromising on scripture. Instead, it's about uncovering and fully embracing profound, unpopular, and often overlooked truths that lead us to the abundant life that Jesus promised us, a life that is rich in joy, purpose, and adventure.

This is the enlightening experience I want to share with you. So why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know that I've been where you might be right now. I've navigated the complexities of aligning worldly wisdom with God's word and sought to live an abundant life while staying true to my faith.

With all the lessons I learned my aim is to now help Christian men like you sift through the noise and bullshit, find THE TRUTH, and become the men God intended us to be.


"Rob is a true friend, a force of faith and momentum that I look up to, and a persistent achiever with a singular ability to nurture a community around him."

— Heidi Klotzman

Welcome to the 'Unplugged Christian Men!' Alpha Christian men or those striving to be, yet feeling lost in the maze of advice from the 'manosphere' are invited to join this engaged community.

If you’re ready to learn and grow, that’s great! Inside, we’ll be sharing with you how to raise your value, live an abundant life, and find a woman worth marrying.

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The best program for men!

This program will help you how to raise your value, live an abundant life, and find a woman worth marrying.

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“I can't say enough about you Rob and this program so far. I'm wrapping up week 1 and already see a change in how I'm thinking about myself and those around me. I can't wait to see the man I am at the end of the program. Thank you again for the opportunity and your help and guidance thus far!”

— Jeremiah Claypool

How Fast Sex Prevents Us From Finding True Love and Long-Term Happiness

Part autobiography, part roadmap for finding true love and the life you’ve always wanted, Why Waiting Works offers practical advice to avoid the common pitfalls made by many when it comes to sex and dating. It is a ‘How to’ for doing relationships in a different way deconstructing the myths and misconceptions associated with the often misunderstood, but vital to understand subject. 

Rob Kowalski book why waiting works

"Great practical approach to finding true love and avoiding the common pitfalls made in the current dating culture.”

- John Gray, Author of 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus'


Unleash Your Full Potential, Embrace Your True Calling

Are you ready to transform your life and unlock your full potential? My one-on-one coaching sessions offer personalized guidance for men who are determined to improve their relationship with God, excel in the dating world, achieve physical fitness, launch a business or side hustle, or even write a book.

With my help, you'll find the courage to pursue God's plan for your life and gain the confidence to tackle your deepest questions about relationships, harness your masculine energy effectively, and more.  Your journey to becoming the man you aspire to be starts here.

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Kowalski Analysis By Rob Kowalski

Welcome to my podcast where I share information and motivation to help you navigate "the wait, become the best version of yourself, and ultimately become the person you’re looking for is looking for. 

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