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With Rob Kowalski

Calling All Professional Christian Men Who Want To Be Married.  Find Your Wife Who Believes In And Supports Your Beliefs In A Traditional Marriage.

Are you a Christian man who believes in Polygyny (Biblical marriage) but can’t find high-value women to date and marry who shares your vision?

I help Christian men who are striving to be Alpha’s raise their sexual marketplace value and live an abundant life by navigating God’s word alongside advice in the manosphere while staying true to their Christian faith.

In my past, I was the quintessential "Chad". Attracting women came second nature, to me and my confidence exuded an irresistible charm. But it wasn't always this way. In high school, I was the quintessential "dork," never experiencing the thrill of a date, and even enduring the heartache of getting stood up for my junior prom. However, something remarkable happened in my late teens. I decided to embark on a journey of self-improvement, determined to create the magnetic allure that would attract women and fulfill my potential.


"To my surprise, I found myself struggling to connect with women again..."

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Years later, when I rededicated my life to God I began to embrace the teachings of my well-intentioned pastor and mainstream churches, adopting the role of the "nice guy."

To my surprise, I found myself struggling to connect with women again. It was a stark contrast to my "bad boy" days when I had to fight women off with a stick. This led me to a profound realization - I had been emasculated by the well-intentioned but misguided advice of the mainstream church...and I allowed it!  

The truth is, today's dating landscape has evolved dramatically. 80% of women are now drawn to just 20% of men, and some even argue that it's closer to 95/5. Being an "average Joe" just doesn't cut it anymore. It's disheartening to witness so many men relegated to the outskirts of the dating scene and unable to find a wife. That is why I'm so passionate about changing this narrative and helping them regain their rightful place in the sexual marketplace.

Give me 10 weeks and i'll help you obtain a long-term patriarchal relationship with the possibility of a plural marriage.

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Man Of Options is a meticulously designed 10-week program that will guide you to elevate your worth, live a life of abundance, and attract high-value women. This comprehensive course covers a wide range of topics, including vision setting, physical fitness, spiritual disciplines, financial mastery, mindset transformation, and replacing detrimental habits with high-performance ones. But remember, this journey is about transcending the ordinary in every facet of life; attracting high-value women is simply a natural outcome of this pursuit of excellence.

Inside Man Of Options you will:


Activate Masculine Magnetism: Excites the attention and admiration of traditional women who will submit to your authority and follow you. Traditional women who will follow your lead.


Master Money, Muscles, and Game: techniques to help you do better with the opposite sex.


Become a High-Value Christian man: who knows his purpose and is getting after it: Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly what you need to do. I will help you build a custom plan of attack to be the man you could’ve been.


Shift your mindset: so you’re winning in the boardroom, the bedroom, and on the ball field.


Building A Physique That Women Love: let me help you maximize your attractiveness to women, by getting into the best shape of your life.


Maximize your personal potential: and utilize that potential.

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Want a full list of all the goodness inside?

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Man Of Options Curriculum

Learn the precise step-by-step system for exciting the attentiond and admiration of traditional women who will follow your lead. 25 Hours of valuable content and 10 modules with videos around 30-60 min each. 

Lifetime Access to Program + All Future Updates

Get access forever – including to all updates that may come in the future at no additional cost, so you can review modules as you need to,

Videos, Worksheets, Templates, Swipe-Files and Guides

These resources provide organized tasks, videos, worksheets, and expert advice, empowering you to navigate challenges and optimize efficiency throughout your journey.


But Man Of Options is more than just a program - it's a brotherhood. Our private community is a sanctuary for men committed to self-improvement and excellence. 

Here, you'll find a supportive network of like-minded individuals, engaging in meaningful discussions, sharing resources, and providing mutual support.

Our community is exclusive, and reserved for those who are not just content with being average but aspire to make a significant impact. If you're ready to connect with high-value, unplugged, top-tier men, then the Alpha Man Blueprint is your gateway.

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Meet Elijah, a fellow brother in Christ and a member of my Man of Options coaching program. Elijah embarked on a journey of personal and professional development, seeking to align his faith with his desire for a polygynous marriage.

Elijah's journey was not without its challenges. He struggled with finding women who shared his beliefs and aspirations for a Biblical marriage.


Through my coaching program, he’s already begun to transform his life and is achieving remarkable results. Here’s what he had to say:

“Rob has helped me sign significantly enhance my dating life by dialing in my dating profiles. I’ve ended up with more women to talk to then I care to deal with, with far less effort than I used to put into dating apps. Multiple women I’m talking to still want to date me or get to know me better, despite knowing I want polygyny. But this is more than just dating coaching; it’s life coaching, and it has brought together an outstanding group of men who are committed to building and growing to incredible levels in their lives.”

After implementing the strategies from the guide, Elijah experienced a significant shift. He began to attract women who were not only interested in him but also open to the idea of a polygynous marriage. His dating profile and social media presence were revamped, and he was equipped with a personalized action plan. 


Elijah's story is a testament to the power of the right guidance paired with commitment. He's now living a life that aligns with his faith and personal desires, all thanks to getting a little outside perspective on what he was doing wrong.

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Alpha man enroll

 Join us on this journey of self-actualization and step into your true potential. Welcome to Man Of Options - where men become the best versions of themselves, and find high-value women to date and marry.

I am so confident that the 'Man of Options' program will guide you in finding and marrying a high-value woman who respects and supports your beliefs in a Biblical marriage. As such, I guarantee to work with you until this outcome is realized.

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